A Walk in the Rain with a Brain

No brain is the best. So says this delightful childrens' book. Read the full review!

By Momentous Institute | Nov 17, 2014
Book Review

What it’s about:
This children’s book is about a little girl named Lucy who stumbles upon a brain. The brain teachers her that each brain is unique, and each person can find their own talents and develop them.
What we love about it:
This book is delightful. Dr. Hallowell is a psychiatrist and a leading authority on ADHD, and he says he wrote this book for his young children to teach them “a wonderfully liberating truth about the brain: no brain is the best”. The book debunks the idea of smart vs. dumb and talks about how, through play, children can find their own special talent. “Whatever you do at great length,” the book says, “your brain will grow there in strength.” We love the reminder that kids shouldn’t give up if it’s hard the first time, and that from passion comes incredible outcomes.