Anh's Anger

Read our book review of "Anh's Anger" by Gail Silver.

By Momentous Institute | Jan 07, 2015
Book Review

Book Review: Anh’s Anger
By Gail Silver
What it’s about:
Anh is angry that his tower of blocks is knocked over, so his grandfather sends him to his room and asks him to “sit with the anger.” Sure enough, his anger comes to visit, and they dance around the room together. Then they sit down and breathe, and as they do, the anger gets smaller and smaller, and eventually goes away.
What we love about it:
If the impending tantrum at the beginning of the book doesn’t perfectly describe an all-too-familiar situation, we just don’t know what does. Anger is a big feeling for kids. It just bubbles up and then spills out, sometimes without warning. Kids don’t want to feel angry. But kids also don’t necessarily know how to respond when they do. This book personifies anger into a crazy looking creature, and gives a simple way to help make it disappear. It’s a good one to read with kids before the anger shows up, so that you can reference it in the moment.