Bedtime Bubbles

Help a child release a worry and receive a joy with this simple activity.

By Momentous Institute | Dec 26, 2014
Bedtime Bubbles

Bedtime is a great time for this activity, because we all know kids who hate that lights out part of the day. But of course if you’re working with kids in therapy or a classroom, this activity works any time.
Have the child sit or lie down. Tell him to imagine that he is blowing bubbles with his thoughts. Have him fill each bubble with something that happened during the day that he wants to release. It could be a word or a picture. If he needs prompting, try things like problems at school, a big test coming up, or something a friend said that bothered him. Guide him through imagining that bubble floating up, up, up until it is out of sight.
After he has released his negative thoughts, encourage him to imagine another bubble coming toward him filled with something he is grateful for. His teacher, his parents, his friends, his soccer team, whatever it may be. Again, it could be a word or a picture. Have him imagine the bubble floating toward him, closer and closer, until it pops right above his heart. Let the image melt into him. Imagine a few more gratitude bubbles before turning off the lights and saying goodnight, or before transitioning into a new activity.