How to Make a Brain Hat

What's cooler than a brain hat? Well, pretty much nothing.

By Momentous Institute | Nov 07, 2014
Brain Hat Part One

Kids love learning about their brains. And kids love hats! So what’s cooler than a brain hat? Well, pretty much nothing.
The kids at Momentous School love brain hats. Sometimes they’ll take a little break and wear the hat. Sometimes they’ll put it on during a difficult task when they need to concentrate. Any time a student needs a reminder that their brain is important, and that they have control over their brain, we pull out the brain hats.
If you want to create your own brain hat, look no further.
This cool brain hat rests heavy on a kid’s head, so that makes it a good sensory experience when a kid needs a brain break. Plus it has the added bonus of rubber bands. We know from The Fantastic Elastic Brain that our brain can stretch and grow like rubber bands, so we love these little elastic reminders.
Here’s what you need:
Foam Sealant (for filling in gaps and cracks – available at a hardware store)
Rubber bands – any size/color combination

Make It

Step One: Get a big sheet of foil and fit it to your head. (A bowl would work too.

Brain Hat 1

Step Two: Start filling the foam over the shape of the head. Try to make it look like the folds found on the cerebral cortex.



Step Three: Attach some rubber bands with toothpicks



If you make your own, we'd love to see photos!