Lend a Hand

These poems about giving are sure to leave kids feeling inspired.

By Momentous Institute | Aug 26, 2015
Book Review

“Lend a Hand” is a collection of poems about giving. The acts of kindness featured in these beautiful poems include sharing a sandwich, offering up a seat on the bus, singing at a nursing home, writing a letter to a soldier, donating hair for cancer patients, planting a tree and more. They’re all short little vignettes about young people who are choosing to lend a hand to help out other people.
This is a great book to read with a class. You could choose one poem at a time (there are 14 total) and discuss what kind act the young person did in that poem. Then you could reflect on how we can do that same kind act, or something similar.
Sometimes it can be hard to think of acts of kindness that are appropriate and accessible for young kids. This book not only highlights some ideas, it also emphasizes the compassion and the joy that accompany kind acts. It is sure to prompt some great ideas and leave kids feeling inspired and ready to help.

Lend A Hand