Let's Take a Walk

Getting up and moving can be a great way to help restless kids manage their energy. What can be even more beneficial is combining movement with mindfulness.

By Momentous Institute | Dec 21, 2022
Lets Take A Walk

For several months now, kids have gotten into a routine of going to school during the week, but that all changes when winter break hits. Suddenly, the schedule they are used to doesn’t exist for a few weeks. Depending on what a family has going on, this can be great at times and exhausting at others. Kids may go from exploding with energy and to saying, “I’m bored” on a loop like a broken record.

It is those times that we like to say, “Let’s take a walk”. However, we’re not talking about just any walk, we’re talking about a mindful walk. We know that two things that help with self-regulation are getting up and moving and practicing mindfulness. So, why not combine the two!

Taking a mindful walk is a great way to beat some boredom or expend some energy, and it’s an activity you can do for free. Take a walk around your neighborhood and while you’re walking, finish the following sentences:

I smell ______________. It smells like_______________.

I see _______________. It looks like ________________.

I hear _____________. It sounds like _______________.

I touched _________________. It felt like ____________.

The great thing about this activity is it can be done anywhere at any time. For example, you could do it in your living room, on a drive or sitting in a waiting room. What new sights and sensory experiences will you discover each time?