Make a Friendly Monster: A Free Collaboration Lesson

Make a Friendly Monster is a lesson about collaboration that allows students to practice working with a partner to create a fun friendly monster. The lesson also teaches students what it means to be a good partner.

By Momentous Institute | Oct 11, 2022
Make A Friendly Monster Header

In school and in life, students will find that they need to work with a partner or as a member of a group or team. Being able to collaborate is a skill that students will need throughout their lives, but it is also a skill that needs to be taught and strengthened through intentional practice. Learning how to be a good partner and collaborator will set students up to be successful when they need to work with others. 

This lesson, Make a Friendly Monster, can be adapted to fit any elementary or middle school classroom. Age it up or down with your choice of books and vocabulary!

Click here to download this free lesson plan.