Momentous Institute Goes to Austin

Momentous Institute is passionate about being a leading voice for equipping educators with trauma-informed practices and had the opportunity in May to take part in advocating for Texas House Bill 18, which just passed in the Senate! Learn more about House Bill 18, how Momentous Institute is working with legislators and how social emotional health is being showcased throughout political platforms.

By Momentous Institute | Jul 08, 2019
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Momentous Institute is passionate about serving as a leading voice for social emotional health. Through its work in advocacy, the organization desires to equip educators with trauma-informed practices so they can properly meet the behavioral needs of all their students.

Two bills of primary interest to Momentous Institute include Texas House Bill 18 and Texas House Bill 3718. These bills provide school educators with necessary training and tools to walk with children impacted by trauma. Most recently, Momentous Institute’s Director of Innovation and Impact, Heather Bryant, testified in support of Texas House Bill 3718 to emphasize the need for trauma-informed care to be instituted as a policy for professional development in school districts.

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L-R: Kate Greer of Commit, Laura Herrera of Teach Plus, HB 3718 author Rep. Tan Parker, Heather Bryant of Momentous Institute, and Jennifer Lucy and Pamela McPeters of TexProtects. Photo credit: TexProtects

After deliberation in May 2019, the Texas Senate voted to pass House Bill 18, which includes a specific requirement for educators in the state of Texas to receive trauma-informed professional development. House Bill 18 is a big win for advocates of the crucial partnership between mental health and education!

These pieces of legislation are vital to expanding the work of social emotional health. Based on a report by the Centers for Disease Control, one in five children have experienced two or more adverse childhood experiences. Momentous Institute staff receive feedback from thousands of educators across the country every year who voice how they feel ill-equipped to work with students who may present behavioral challenges or show clear signs of trauma exposure. 

Momentous Institute sits on the Early Matters Dallas legislative and policy committee and partners with TexProtects and Teach Plus to work on multiple legislative bills that support an emphasis on mental health in education.

Long-term data proves when schools and organizations prioritize social emotional health alongside a trauma-informed approach and rigorous academics, students flourish. Momentous Institute believes change will occur when communities and government entities lock arms so that all children can reach their full potential.