Professional Development or Professional Encouragement?

What if professional learning was more personal, focusing not just on new ideas and skills, but on encouragement

By Momentous Institute | Dec 01, 2021
Training Graphic

Teachers are busier than ever!  Whether presenting information, managing student behavior or planning for the next day – their schedules are hectic.  It’s hard to admit, but sometimes the requirement for professional development might feel like an obligation more than an exciting opportunity for growth.

What if professional learning was more personal, focusing not just on new ideas and skills, but on encouragement? This is a priority for trainers at Momentous Institute who are passionate about sending teachers this message loud and clear: “you are not alone.”

Through a number of different trainings, our team of mental health experts and educators work alongside teachers and administrators to discuss strategies that promote social emotional health and academic success.

Why is our work so innovative? We believe our trainings help to…

  • Re-humanize the art of teaching by focusing on the heart and spirit of the whole child.
  • Showcase easy-to-understand descriptions of the neurobiology of stress and trauma and how this relates to behavior.
  • Recognize the impact of stressful living conditions including racism, poverty and violence as factors that greatly influence a child’s development.
  • Highlight families and communities as essential to children’s success alongside teachers and administrators.
  • Focus on easily implemented strategies, backed by research.

To change the odds for children, we have to work together to build up and stay creative in our approach! Training the adults in children’s lives is essential, so more young people are given the opportunity to thrive both academically and in their emotional health and well-being.

After working with educators for decades, we know that professional learning can be so much more than just a requirement, but instead a positive, hopeful learning experience!

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