Senses Journal

A senses journal is a great way to get kids to pay mindful attention to the world around them.

By Momentous Institute | Feb 18, 2015
Senses Journal

One great way to be mindful is to try to focus on our senses, and not just take a passing glance at something. When we are being mindful, we notice things using more than one sense. If we’re not being mindful, we might just see that spring has arrived because the sun is out. But when we pay attention mindfully, we might notice a nice spring day by the cool breeze in the air, the smell of fresh flowers, the bright sunlight on our faces, the soft grass under our feet, and the sound of the birds chirping. Isn’t that a much more enjoyable way to notice the beauty of the world around us?
Encourage children to use their senses by creating a senses journal. A notebook with five sections is perfect for this activity, but any notebook would work, as the child can just section it off herself. Have her label each section with one of the five senses. As she notices something interesting during the day, have her write about it in the section where it is most appropriate. Of course, she can write about the same experience in multiple sections. For example, she might write about recess under the sense of touch, “We went outside and it was cold. My fingers felt cold because I didn’t have any gloves on.” She might write about the same recess under the sense of hearing, “It was loud at recess. A group of kids were playing tag and they were screaming. I heard Ms. Johnson call us in to the building at the end of recess. She blew her whistle.”
Encourage the child to fill in the journal often. She can also attach treasures to the journal, such as a leaf from a walk or a picture of a memory that she wants to hold on to.