What are your child's super special strengths? Try this activity to find out!

By Momentous Institute | Sep 25, 2015

Each child has unique strengths that can help her overcome obstacles. But when faced with a particular struggle, it might be hard to figure out what those strengths are. Here’s an easy and fun art project that can help build resilience!
Create the outline of a shield on a piece of paper. Ask her to think about all of the things she’s really good at. What makes her feel confident? What helps her feel her best? What does she do when she needs to feel strong?
She can write and draw her strengths on her shield. Need some ideas for what to put on there? Here are a few we’ve heard:
I’m good at making friends.
I have a positive attitude.
I am good at solving problems.
I can think creatively.
Of course keep the shield handy! You never know when you might need to pull it out and remind her of her strengths. Tell her that she can be strong and brave when things get tough, with the help of her special shield!