Teaching from Home Strategy: Virtual Recess

Students of all ages love recess, to give them some time to experience recess from home, try a virtual recess.

By Momentous Institute | Apr 23, 2020
Virtual Recess

Of course, if you ask students what their favorite part of school is, you’ll find quite a few who say recess. What is it about recess that students love so much? It’s fun, and students can connect with their friends outside of academic learning. In a time of distance learning, how can we keep the spirit of recess alive?

Consider a virtual recess. Schedule a video chat time and let students know it’s just for recess! As the teacher, you can be present as a monitor, but you don’t need to control the flow. Allow students to take the idea and run. They can chat with each other, show off toys or items around their houses, sing, dance, or who knows what else they’ll come up with! Providing students the opportunity for connection and interaction – and fun! – will keep the energy for online learning alive. 

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