The Breathing Stick

Our P.E. teacher shares an amazingly simple breathing tool. You'll love it!

By Crystal Reimer, M.S., CAPE, P.E. Teacher | Apr 10, 2017
Breathing Stick

The breath is our constant anchor to bring us back into the present moment.  Peace is always available in the present moment. 

The breathing stick is an activity I did with my students to reinforce the self-regulating power of breath awareness.  The student moves the beads along the pipe cleaner with each breath in and out.  When a student is using the breathing stick, it helps her re-focus on the present moment and pulls her away from any stimulus in her environment (anger, irritation, excitement, etc.).  I tell my students, “Remembering to breathe intentionally, short times, many times, throughout the day is an anchor and is self-regulating.”

Students can put the breathing stick on their back pack, key chain, locker hook, etc.  I wanted them to have an easy tool that can help them breathe any time - at school or at home.

Here’s a short video of my student, Kamille, demonstrating the breathing stick:

Credit where it’s due – I learned this from an educator I met through Mindful Schools named Karen Barwick from Delaware. She was looking for ways to help her kids remember to take breaths and she created this simple arts and crafts project. She got the idea from Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch.

It’s a really simple and tangible way to help kids regulate and use their breath as an anchor. Give it a shot!