Top Five

What are five things that can turn your mood around when you're feeling down?

By Momentous Institute | Jan 28, 2015

We all know that it’s easier to think of happy things when we’re actually feeling happy. When we’re frustrated, sad, anxious, or angry, it’s much harder to conjure up those things that help us feel happy. But of course, that’s the most important time to access those thoughts!
During a calm time, help children identify what they need to help them feel happy. Encourage them to come up with a list of the top five things that can turn their mood around. If they’re stuck, suggest things like drawing, running, music, dancing, or friends.
A child who has an arsenal of tools to help control his feelings will be better off the next time he’s feeling upset. Just pull out the top five list!
Pssst… you might want to make your own top five list while you’re at it! We all can use help getting out of our slumps from time to time.