What Kind of Teacher do you Want?

Teachers often set expectations for students. But another step is sometimes left out: expectations for the teacher. Read more!

By Momentous Institute | Jun 19, 2017
What Kind Teacher Do You Want

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Most teachers dedicate time during the first week of school to establish expectations for the classroom. These generally include things like, “Treat each other with respect. Be kind. Follow directions.”

But there’s another step in setting expectations that often gets left out: expectations for the teacher. At Momentous School, our teachers like to establish both expectations for students as well as expectations for the teacher.

Former fourth grade teacher Kim Robinson explains a little more:

Kids really want people in their life who genuinely care about who they are. So one thing I do with my students in the very beginning of the year is ask them about what kind of teacher they want. Kids learn from people that they like – that’s just the way it works! The kids say things like, “We want a teacher who gives us extra recess. We want a teacher who makes jokes.” But they also say things like, “I want a teacher who tries her best. I want a teacher who is always happy. I want a teacher who really tries to understand me.”

We also make another poster that says, “What kind of teammate are you going to be?” They say things like, “I want to be a teammate that is caring, and that is helpful, and that is encouraging.” They truly understand that when we work together, we all benefit.

It’s such a simple shift in thinking! We’re already establishing expectations for students, and we should allow them the chance to share what they expect of us. This makes a great display that can serve as a reminder of what makes a great team, and what role we all play.