When I Grow Up, I Want to be a...

Read about a lovely conversation with an aspiring psychologist and Momentous Insitute student, Eleazar Rodriguez, and Dr. Jessica Gomez, Momentous Institute’s Executive Director.

By Momentous Institute | Jun 21, 2022
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Each year at the ATT Byron Nelson, 5th grade students look forward to wearing their “Future” shirts. These bright teal T-shirts are a rite of passage at Momentous School, part of the uniform students wear when acting as Junior Caddies at the annual Wednesday Pro-Am. The back of each shirt features the career aspiration of each student. This year, the shirts featured a variety of dreams including actress, CEO, digital content creator, and veterinarian.

One of the student’s shirts caught the eye of Dr. Jessica Gomez, Momentous Institute’s Executive Director. What did she see on the back of 11-year-old Eleazar Rodriguez’s shirt? He aspired to be a psychologist, just like Dr. Gomez!

Asked what fueled this career interest, Eleazar had a ready answer. “Psychologists study the brain and how people think,” he said matter-of-factly. He also added that he’d helped many friends learn how to correctly pronounce the word. “It’s not py-ko-LO--jist!” he said with some disdain.

Invited later in the week to have a chat with Dr. Gomez, it quickly became a meeting of two old souls. Eleazar shared with Gomez that there’s always more to someone than just what you see. “If someone’s pushing you around, there’s probably a reason behind it.”

“Right!” responded Gomez. “We call that Chasing the Why.”

She wished him luck with this career dream and reassured him that people often explore numerous career paths before settling on one. Eleazar then joined his classmates out at recess. Mental health professionals recognize the value of play!