To continue our summer of reading, content director Maureen Fernandez shares about a book she authored in the Momentous Institute shop.


Here at Momentous Institute, we’re always trying to find ways to fill gaps. One of our best-selling items is the “Amazing Brain” poster. I like to say that we created this poster because all the brain posters we had ever seen looked like they belonged in a doctor’s office! We wanted something really simple for young children to understand three basic things about their brain… something they would be able to easily read and digest. The fun cartoon brains help, too!

So when we were working on our curriculum, Changemakers, we scoured the internet for very simple brain books for young children. There are tons of great brain books out there that we read and love. But we couldn’t find something for our very youngest kids – three, four, five-year-olds. We wanted something comparable to the brain poster: easily digestible, attractive, clean design, very simple.

I think you can guess where this is going. That’s right, we made our own!

Your Brain is a small little brain book, perfect for the youngest learners. It introduces brain facts, teaches kids about three main parts of the brain, and gives strategies for taking care of the brain and regulating big emotions. Illustrated images and minimal text make this book perfect for the first introduction to the brain.

f you’re looking to start a conversation about the brain with young kids, you can grab a copy from our shop here.

If you’d like a read-aloud of this book, you can check it out here in English and here in Spanish.

And hey – don’t limit it to just young children! I’ll be honest, there was definitely a time in my adult life where I didn’t know most of these brain facts. You may be surprised at what older kids – or even adults – could pick up from this book, too. We hope you enjoy it!

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