Book Review: The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey


The Gift of Failure is a new book that will be released in August 2015. We got a sneak peek at this book because the author, Jessica Lahey, will be one of the presenters at our Changing the Odds Conference on October 1-2. We can’t wait for this book to be published! It will be a must-read for parents and anyone who works with kids.


Most of us know that kids should experience failure, but it is also our natural instinct to protect them from it. This book really dives into the complexity of the subject with real-life, relatable situations. Lahey addresses topics such as sports, homework, grades, and household chores. She shares specific scenarios, such as whether or not to drive your kid’s homework to school when he leaves it on the table, or what to do when your kids have friends you don’t like. 


Anyone who has ever sat on the sidelines gritting their teeth with anxiety as their child attempted a new sport, walked on stage at a recital, started his first day at a new school, or a million other scenarios that a child encounters nearly every day, will enjoy and take comfort in this book. Lahey reminds us that while it can be very difficult to let your kids fail, it is essential to their future success.

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