Kids will love this funny read-aloud book about a kid named Louie whose story just keeps getting ruined. Poor Louie! He can’t tell his story because it keeps getting messed up. At one point, he lays down on the ground and says:

But then Louie realizes that everything is actually just fine. By the end of the story, he’s hopeful and joyful again.

Ask kids to think about times when they felt like giving up. Spend some time talking about the words that Louie uses. Some of this phrases are really negative, like “Forget it. My story is ruined.” “It’s all over.” “Who cares?” How does Louie’s language affect his attitude? What happens when he switches his language at the end of the story? Discuss how the words we use when we feel defeated influence our attitude and behavior. Then try to add new language to these experiences. “I’ll try again.” “Maybe I’ll get it next time.” “We can do it a different way.”

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