The Mindful Child by Susan Kaiser Greenland is one of our very favorite books. We have been so influenced by this book – it’s where the idea of the glitter ball came from! (And you we love the glitter ball.)

This book’s tagline is “How to help your kid manage stress and become happier, kinder and more compassionate.” That’s a bold claim – but the book supports it. By helping children learn to focus on breathing and to pay careful attention to what is happening around them, children can better handle challenges and can become more introspective and thoughtful.

This book is all about mindfulness – it talks about the value of teaching mindfulness to children, and then it dives right into The book is full of strategies, techniques, games, and songs.

If you’ve ever found the healing power of taking a deep breath before reacting, you know the power of mindfulness. Millions of adults use mindfulness to successfully reduce stress in their lives. Today’s children are facing stressors every day – challenge schoolwork, competitive sports, complicated friendships, and more. This book shows how powerful mindfulness can be for children, not just adults.

We absolutely love this book and highly recommend it. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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