Sometimes children get stuck in a feeling and have a hard time moving on. It’s important to teach kids that feelings can melt away. Here’s a really visual way to drive that lesson home for kids.

If you have a Buddha Board, that is great for this activity! A chalkboard works too. Or get creative! What else might you use?

To use this board, get some water and a paint brush. Have the child draw her feeling on the board using the brush. Talk through what you see together. Look how intense that feeling looks when it’s fresh. Watch as the intensity of the feeling begins to fade away.

A chalkboard works too, but it fades pretty quickly. A child might need a little longer to self-regulate her feelings than a few seconds!

This is a great, simple visual for kids when they’re stuck on a feeling, such as anger, and unable to move on. Do you have any other ideas to share that might work to demonstrate this lesson? Let us know!

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