Life is busy. We’re often rushing around, just trying to keep up with our daily demands. Even families who live together, see each other often, and/or spend a lot of time together often don’t take the extra time it takes to really focus on the relationship. How often are we surprised to hear something from someone we talk to all the time? These coming weeks offer plenty of opportunities for families to spend quality time together. To help support this, and to encourage families to use their time together to really get to know each other, we have created a simple activity.

This activity is based on “Family Facts”, an activity we do in our therapeutic group setting. There, we encourage families to write their responses on a big sheet of butcher paper. If you have some on hand, go for it! If not, this little workbook can be printed and used instead. Or just grab sheets of paper and make your own!

So this year, as you gather for the holidays, or really any time you have unstructured family time, consider giving this activity a shot. You may discover new facts about the people you are closest to.

Click here for the activity workbook.

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