If you’ve ever asked a kid what they did during the day, you’ve probably received the answer, “I don’t know”. That can feel like a brush-off answer but think about it. How much of your day can you recall? Most of us go through the day taking one thing at a time. Unless something extremely noteworthy happens, it’s probably hard to recall the things you did during the day. The same is true for kids.

But this can change with practice! Mindfulness is the act of simply paying attention. When we practice mindfulness, we learn to appreciate what we see, hear and experience throughout the day. And taking the time to reflect back on those at the end of the day creates a loop – we are more likely to notice even more the next day. We’ve created a fun worksheet for kids to fill out as they reflect on their day. 

You can download the worksheet here.

You know what’s even better? If adults practice this, too! So participate alongside your child. Complete your own worksheet and take turns sharing things from your day. This can be a great way to get further conversation started! And there’s no limit to how often you complete this activity. Do it every day for a week and see how answers change, or do one at the start of each month or every Friday afternoon. The more we pay attention, the more we will notice the moments of joy in our lives.

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