Book Review: Moody Cow Meditates

By Kerry Lee MacLean


What it’s about:


Moody Cow, aka Peter, is having a very bad day. After a series of unfortunate incidents, his grandfather is called in for support. Grandfather leads Moody Cow through an activity that helps calm him down.


What we love about it:


Everyone knows how much we love the glitter ball, and the activity that the grandfather leads is very similar. Together, the boy and his grandfather add a sprinkle of “fairy dust” to a jar for each thing that made him angry that day. Then, of course, they shake it up and watch it settle. We also love this book because Moody Cow is relatable. He’s having a bad day because some sad things happened to him, and he also made some poor choices because he was feeling angry. Well, that sounds pretty familiar to us! Kids sometimes spiral from a rough morning to a completely out-of-control day. This book just walks through one activity that a kid could try if he gets to that place.

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