What it’s about:


This is a colorful book about eating mindfully. Elliot has eaten “about a million apples” in his life, but his babysitter encourages him to try eating this one slowly and to pay careful attention to every detail. It’s a whole new eating experience!


What we love about it:


Sometimes mindfulness sounds like a big, open topic that is hard to navigate, especially with kids. Adults can get caught thinking that it means they have to meditate or sit still for extended periods of time. (They can, but that’s not the only way to be mindful!) This book demonstrates that mindfulness can actually fit into any single part of a child’s day. In this story, Elliot is just eating his after-school snack, something he does every day, and by doing it differently, he has a mindful experience. We love the implications of this idea. Think of all the activities we do all the time that we can do mindfully! Walking down the street, listening to music, smelling flowers. Mindfulness is simple. How can you incorporate one mindfulness activity into your day today? 


We hope you like this book! Here's a little trailer with a sneak peek into some of the pages of No Ordinary Apple:

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