Ever felt conflicted about whether you should stick with something or walk away? Maybe it’s something you’ve been doing for a long time, and the idea of stopping it seems unfathomable. Or maybe it’s something that you really, really dread, but others rely on you. Maybe it’s something that you enjoy, but it seems to be negatively impacting those around you. Whatever it is, you may be wondering the age-old question: should I stay or should I go?

No one asks if they should keep going or walk away from the things that are working well. So if you’re questioning this, it’s because whatever it is you’re wondering about has a consequence of some kind. Sometimes there are consequences to sticking with something longer than we should. Sometimes there are consequences to walking away from something. Sometimes those consequences are to ourselves, and sometimes others feel the impact.

We can often feel stuck in these moments. Is the pro or con list longer? Do I shoulder the burden so others won’t have to? Do I prioritize myself and know that others may face the consequences?

We’ve come up with a handy flowchart to help you evaluate these sticky situations. You can do one pass through the flowchart with Option A (stay), and then again with Option B (walk away). 

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