In this new age of teaching remotely, relationships between parents/caretakers and teachers have never been more intertwined. In fact, this is one of the really beautiful aspects of this new reality – teachers get a glimpse into their students’ lives and see their home environments in ways they never have before, and parents are gaining a deeper understanding of what goes on every day in their child’s classroom as well as seeing their child’s teacher as a human being outside of their role as teacher.

In order to capitalize on this new relationship, teachers can lean in to parents and ask them what they’d like to know, how they’d like to be supported, and what they think might work best. At Momentous School, Pre-K teachers started using Facebook as a platform when several parents suggested it would be beneficial to them. Now that many parents are home most of the day with their children, and intimately connected to the classroom learning, they should be considered the experts and asked for their opinion. And, when possible, their ideas should be taken into consideration and implemented. Who benefits from this? Everyone! Parents, teachers and students all do well when everyone is on the same page and happy with the process. We call that a win-win-win. 

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