We all know the value of a schedule in the classroom. But in a time of teaching from home, a schedule is more important than ever. But we’re not talking about a schedule for students, we’re talking about one for YOU.

As we adjust to this new reality, like any time we have a huge shift in our lives, it takes awhile to adjust. In the early days of teaching from home, many teachers were working even longer days than usual (and we all know, teachers work long days!) We found teachers working through lunch, staying up late into the night, coming up with lessons, responding to students, recording videos, learning new technology, and the list goes on. But as we start to level out, teachers need to create schedules to keep themselves from burning out.

To create a daily schedule, start with the unmovable items such as live lessons or online office hours. Next, build in meals and time with family or downtime. We suggest you put these on the calendar first, so they don’t get taken away as you build. Set aside time for lunch and dinner, and a block of time to be with your children, walk your dog, or close your computer and read, relax, or focus on something other than teaching.

Next, build in the work you want to complete. Schedule time to prep lessons, record videos, check student work, post assignments, etc. Once your schedule is full – move something to the next day. Don’t remove meals or down time to squeeze more in. Your well-being is a priority!

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