Have you ever had a wonderful idea? You can just picture it in your head – it’s going to be amazing! Then you go to execute your idea, and – well – it’s not really amazing after all. How frustrating. You can still picture it in all its amazing glory, yet here’s your sad creation that looks nothing like your vision. 

This is the premise behind “The Most Magnificent Thing”. Our main character gets increasingly frustrated at each attempt to create her amazing thing. Finally she stops and takes a walk, clears her mind, and comes back at it with a fresh perspective.


Kids of all ages will certainly relate to this story. Follow this book with a discussion about grit. What made her come back and try again and again instead of giving up? What helped her when she felt frustrated? What are some strategies you could try next time things are difficult?


With that – next time you want to create your magnificent thing, you’ll be ready.

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