Is Your Problem-Focused View Robbing You of Energy?

Michelle Kinder has a tool that has changed the way she and her team operated. Read on...

By Michelle Kinder | May 23, 2016
Problem Focused View

The number one way I practice self-care is by carefully managing my own energy, attention, attitude and focus.  I buy into the idea that what you pay attention to expands. I recently learned a specific tool from the Stagen Leadership Academy that has been incredibly valuable to me and our team in a short time.

The tool is called FISBE and was developed by David Emerald.

Stagen Graphic

Here’s how I understand it.  Your focus drives your inner state which drives your behavior.  If you are focused on the problem, it will create an inner state of anxiety which will cause you to react rather than thoughtfully respond.  Often we aren’t even reacting to the problem itself, we just want the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety to go away.

As the model suggests, when I notice myself focused on a problem, I ask myself, “What do I want?” That simple question shifts my attention to the vision or the outcome I am seeking.  Once I am focused on my preferred outcome instead of fixating on the problems, my internal state shifts to one of passion and my next step is illuminated. 

To summarize: Focusing on the problem makes you anxious and reactive.  Focusing on the outcome you want feeds your passion which illuminates next steps.