Prioritizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Prioritizing Diversity Equity And Inclusion 01
Momentous Institute
By Momentous Institute Jul 08, 2019

Momentous Institute continues to prioritize social emotional health across every program. In 2019, the staff has taken a deeper dive toward aligning even more with its mission by focusing on its own commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization. Momentous Institute representatives participated in Promise 54’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”) event in Kansas City, Missouri. There, attendees looked internally at their individual organizations to evaluate how their teams speak about their work and how they value staff, while identifying opportunities to support more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Included in the evaluations of each organization were questions, including, “Where are bias and inequity hiding in our structures, processes and systems?” and, “How do we shift our ways of being to challenge dominant culture?” Additionally, Momentous Institute completed a racial equity assessment to identify areas for improvement, which, along with coaching, will be used to create a more inclusive vision for the team moving forward.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are not ‘add on’ programs,” says executive director Jessica Trudeau. “If Momentous Institute is going to continue to lead in the field of social emotional health and work effectively alongside children and families, these practices have to be integrated into every aspect of the work as we look to honor truth, racial healing and true transformation.”

Momentous Institute is grateful to work with Promise 54 and Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) as we aim for all to have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential.

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