Three Books about Big Feelings

Kids experiencing big feelings? We've all been there. Here are three books to read together that might help.

By Momentous Institute | Jun 30, 2022
Three Booksabout Big Feelings

Ooooh boy. Every parent or caregiver is familiar with big feelings. We all have them, but kids tend to reallllly showcase them. And when routines are off, summer is in full swing, kids are tired or hot or overwhelmed, the big feelings really come out to play.

So if you’re experiencing big feelings, here are three books that might be good to read together as a family.


Fergal and the Bad Temper by Robert Starling

This book features a dragon with a bad temper who has to learn some calming strategies to keep him from snorting angry fire when things don’t feel fair.


Anh’s Anger by Gail Silver

Five-year-old Anh gets upset and his grandfather has to help him learn to breathe and make the anger smaller and smaller until it goes away.


Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall

Jabari tries to make a machine, and it doesn’t go well. In his frustration, he has to learn how to breathe to calm down and manage his big reaction.