Fall is here and that means that the leaves and weather are changing. Seasonal activities are always fun for kids, so we decided to create a fun fall activity to help kids learn more about feelings, specifically how there are A LOT of feelings.  

Most kids know feelings like mad or happy, but it is important that they build a robust vocabulary when it comes to feelings. Feelings are complex and often times you can feel more than one at the same time. Because of this is can be challenging for kids to put into words how they feel if they don’t have the vocabulary. Learning a lot of different feeling words helps kids be able to name their feelings so that they can begin to self-regulate.  


Fall Feelings Leaves 

What You Need:  

1 Handout per child (download here

Markers, crayons or colored pencils  

Whiteboard or Chart Paper 


Spend a few minutes as a class brainstorming feeling words. Write these words on the whiteboard or a piece of chart paper. You want this list to include feelings beyond just happy, sad and mad. We’ve included a list of feeling words to help you get started! 

After you finish brainstorming feeling words, give each student a leaf handout. Tell students to choose a feeling from either the list you created as a class or one they know that isn't on the list. Have students write the feeling on their leaf and then draw a picture depicting that feeling. 

When all of the leaves have been decorated and cut out, you can use them to create a class feelings tree. To further help your students understand each of the feelings on the tree, you can occasionally point to a leaf and ask the class to give you an example of when they would feel that feeling.

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