When you picture creativity in a classroom, what do you see? Some people worry that creativity means kids just running around climbing on furniture and having fun instead of doing real learning. But in his book, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, Sir Ken Robinson argues that creativity is much more than this. “Creativity is also about working in a highly focused way on ideas and projects, crafting them into their best forms and making critical judgements along the way about which work best and why.”


In a world of standardized testing, high stakes, and struggling schools, Robinson emphasizes the need for more freedom and creativity in the classroom. His 2006 TED Talk titled “How Schools Kill Creativity” is the number one most viewed TED Talk of all time. Educators and policy makers everywhere are learning more about innovative ways to transform education. Robinson’s organic approach leads to highly personalized education based on passion and creativity.


We are thrilled that Sir Ken Robinson will be joining us at our Changing the Odds Conference October 1-2 in Dallas. The early bird registration rate expires on May 31. We would love to have you join us to hear from him and many other inspiring speakers.


Set aside some time and watch his incredibly popular TED Talk. It will be worth it! For more information about our conference, visit www.momentousinstitute.org/changingtheodds.

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