Sometimes we get caught in a cycle of saying “no” to kids.


No, we can’t play that right now. I’m trying to respond to these emails.


No, you can’t wear that orange shirt with those green pants.


No, you can’t sit on the couch to do your math work. You need to stay at your desk.



Of course sometimes the right answer is no. But sometimes we can break from this habit and try saying yes.


Sure, I will write back to these emails after you go to bed. Let’s play!


Sure, go ahead and wear whatever you would like. You’re a kid; it doesn’t really matter.


Sure, if you think sitting on the couch will help you focus, let’s give it a shot and see how it works!


If you just give “yes” a more prominent role in your vocabulary, who knows what might come of it. Exercising gratitude means paying attention to the good things in life, and not worrying about the small things. Can saying “yes” to children make us more grateful? We think the answer is, “Yes, let’s give it a shot!"

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