While kids can feel scared any time, we thought since spooky season is here, it would be a good time to talk to kids about feelings scared. Thinking about being scared can be, yes, scary. This is why we've created a fun workbook that features Straw, a scarecrow who is scared of a lot of things. Even though he is scared a lot, Straw knows that it is normal to feel scared and wants to help kids understand that everyone feels scared sometimes. 

It is important that students learn how to manage strong emotions. Feeling scared is a strong emotion that can feel overwhelming and everlasting. The 'Straw the Scared Scarecrow' workbook is designed to help students understand that it is normal to feel scared sometimes and that feeling scared is only temporary. The workbook also teaches students that their brain works to protect them in times when they feel scared. When students are able to understand what emotions they are experiencing and how those emotions affect them, they are better able to self-regulate. 

The activities in the student workbook can be used to supplement the learning or can be given to students at any time as part of your social emotional learning classroom toolkit.

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